Zinc: The Ultimate Mineral for Immune Health


The immune system is what defends the body from bacterial and viral agents that can cause infections. Infections contribute to more serious health problems like heart diseases, cancer, and inflammatory conditions. This specialised system is also involved in the prevention of autoimmune diseases, wherein the immune cells attack the body’s own cells causing symptoms. Good Continue Reading

Remembering the Longevity Benefits of Taurine


Today’s fast paced lifestyle, processed foods, stress, pollution, and unhealthy habits, have significantly reduced life expectancy compared to 10 or 20 years ago. However, there are certain group of populations that live longer than others, an example of these are the Japanese. In fact, the island of Okinawa has been known to be the “island Continue Reading

Tribulus Terrestis: The Safe Testosterone Booster for Men and Women


Men and women can get a lot of health benefits with elevated testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for regulating muscle growth, nourishing male reproductive health and functions, supporting vitality and physical performance, as well as hair growth. Although it is primarily a male hormone, women also have testosterone in Continue Reading

Alpha GPC Shines Brightly at Supporting Focus, Memory and Concentration


Whether you’re a professional or a student, you are going to appreciate healthy memory and concentration from Alpha GPC. For students for their exams, professionals for their next day meetings, or a musician learning a new piece, taking Alpha GPC supplements may help uplift mental performance. Alpha GPC or Alpha glycerophosphocholine is a compound naturally Continue Reading

The Links between IP6 and Cancer Explored


IP6 or inositol hexaphosphate is shining brightly in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. This chemical naturally found in sesame seeds, beans, wheat bran, corn, brown rice, and other high-fiber foods is being used by the cells in communicating messages from the cell’s nucleus. IP6 also plays a role in the metabolism of calcium Continue Reading

Mastic Gum: The Good Gum For Digestive Health


Finding stuck chewing gum on your shoes, clothes, or anywhere is not a good thing for everyone. Although it is one of the most common habits, there are a lot of negative things associated with chewing gum.  But when you’re experiencing ulcers from the helicobacter pylori bacteria, you’ll find out the great benefits of gum. Continue Reading

Alpha Lipoic Acid Makes Managing Diabetes Easy


How many people you know have diabetes? I’d say a lot. Because diabetes is incurable, people who are suffering from it and their family often loses hope. I’d say not. I’d say there is hope. I’d say there are natural ways that diabetics can live a longer, normal life. How? Diabetes is manageable, so manage Continue Reading

The Sweet Health Benefits of Cinnamon


Don’t we just love cinnamon? Its sweet aroma and taste brings happiness on breakfast mornings. Would you believe that the sweetness you love about this spice is actually good for your health? Well, studies from around the world confirm that cinnamon doesn’t just taste sweet but also gives us sweeter health benefits. Before it is Continue Reading

Vitamin B12 defends your Body’s Battery against Energy Crisis


Imagine that your body has a battery, what would it be like? Are you like the energiser bunny that never goes out of energy for the things you need and wants to do? If yes, then good for you. But if you always feel drained, you may need to recharge with Vitamin B12, or what Continue Reading

Soy Isoflavones: The Best Menopausal Support for Women


Women undergoing “the change” brought by menopause have very delicate health needs. They don’t just suffer from very uncomfortable symptoms, but they are also more prone to serious health risks that can make menopause a very frustrating stage in their lives. During this time, older women need all the nutrients they can get from their Continue Reading