Alpha Lipoic Acid Makes Managing Diabetes Easy

alaHow many people you know have diabetes? I’d say a lot. Because diabetes is incurable, people who are suffering from it and their family often loses hope. I’d say not. I’d say there is hope. I’d say there are natural ways that diabetics can live a longer, normal life. How? Diabetes is manageable, so manage it properly. One antioxidant that is already present in the body can help you manage diabetes better. Get to know this antioxidant called Alpha Lipoic Acid and take a look at diabetes in a whole new, more positive perspective.

ALA in short or also known as thioctic acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid is already found in every cell of the body. This nutrient is classified as an antioxidant, or the substances that scavenge the free radicals we get from unhealthy high-fat, high-carb diet, stress, environmental pollution, drugs, smoking, and alcoholism. These damaging substances damage the cells, destroying the cells’ ability to utilise sugar and convert it to useful energy and fuel the body. As a result, the sugar or glucose is left in the bloodstream causing diabetes.

Now, how does ALA makes the life of diabetics a lot easier? This antioxidant helps the body to consume the glucose by the cells and manufacture them into energy units called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This energy are then supplied to the heart for its pumping action, muscles for movements, brain for thought processes, and so much more. Through this mechanism, blood sugar levels are normalised and thus prevent the onset of diabetic signs and symptoms.

On a more important note, Alpha Lipoic Acid also works to reduce the risk for diabetes complications. ALA’s protection from free radicals protects the blood vessels from cholesterol plaque buildup, which increases a diabetic’s risk for high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Heart diseases are very common complications of diabetes. Based on clinical evidences, Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements are considered natural remedies against diabetic neuropathy. This type of neuropathy involves the nerves of the extremities like the feet. Autonomic neuropathy or nerve damage that connects to the heart is also prevented with the use of ALA. This antioxidant appears to revert the damage to the brain and its blood vessels from the flow of diabetic blood.

With all these protection from Alpha Lipoic Acid, people who are at risk or already diagnosed with diabetes can do something to improve their health.

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