Biotin: The Vitamin for Beautiful Skin, Hair, and Nails

biotinEverybody wants to look great, right? We try so hard to achieve a beautiful skin, smooth and shiny hair, and pinkish healthy nails, because we think that one can never be physically pleasing if any of these body parts is not at its best. Actually, taking good care of the skin, hair, and nails can be pretty easy if you just know that one single vitamin can do some of the work for you. Some people call it the beauty vitamin, some Vitamin H or B7, but most of us know it as Biotin.

Biotin is one of the members of the Vitamin B family. A lot of foods contain biotin and usually, one gets enough supply of this vitamin to keep him healthy and beautiful. The beauty vitamin is naturally present in meats, poultry, cooked egg yolks, whole grains, milk, and brewer’s yeast. Biotin in food is usually reduced during cooking or when frozen. To get the most biotin, foods should be steamed.

Biotin offer excellent moisturising effects on the skin and helps it normally heal from injuries and wounds. As an effect, the skin doesn’t look dry and maintains its natural suppleness, smoothness, and reduces the appearance of unsightly scars. Vitamin B7 also has anti-ageing benefits for the skin, which can diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin signs of ageing.

For the hair, this beauty vitamin stimulates hair growth and its deficiency can lead to baldness and hair loss. Having enough biotin helps with maintaining healthy hair strands, this is the reason why some hair care products contain this vitamin. While some of the hair loss solutions in the market give immediate solutions, Biotin supplements offer long-term and natural effects.

Just like the hair, biotin also stimulates the growth of healthy nails and prevents brittleness. According to dermatologists, taking biotin supplements daily can reduce brittle nails. Brittle nails is often a result of the normal ageing process but most of the time, it is a symptom of an underlying condition. Combining biotin supplements and treatment of the underlying condition is still the best way to achieve good looking and healthy nails.

The beautiful effects of biotin are not just seen on the outside, but it can be felt from the inside. This water soluble vitamin plays very important roles in the metabolism of foods, production of energy, and blood sugar control. These processes keeps one healthy and disease-free, so you don’t just look good but feel great too.

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