Cetyl Myristoleate: Modern Day Joint Lubricator

Cetyl Myristoleate: Modern Day Joint Lubricator

Cetyl Myristoleate: Modern Day Joint Lubricator

Cetyl myristoleate is a fatty acid ester. Therefore, it bears the similar characteristics with essential fatty acids like alpha linolenic acids, only stronger and more durable. The human body cannot synthesize essential fatty acids, so we must include them in our diet. Essential fatty acids are highly important substances because they serve as components of cell membranes, nerve cells, and prostaglandins, a potent substance that acts like a hormone and is produced in response to trauma. A diet high in saturated fats, which are primarily found in animal fats, is linked to a variety of chronic diseases involving the heart and blood vessels while a diet rich in essential fatty acids, commonly found in plant fats shields us from the very same diseases. Regular intake of essential fatty acids has shown to help reduce inflammation, pain, and limited mobility in people suffering from a joint condition. Cetyl myristoleate is just like an essential fatty acid when it comes to chemical contents and properties, only faster and longer.

When the body experiences chronic inflammation, the supply of essential fatty acid is significantly reduced. Cetyl myristoleate comes to the rescue as it appears to have the ability to reverse the imbalance caused by chronic inflammation. Medical experts agree that like essential fatty acids, cetyl myristoleate shuts down the fires of chronic inflammation by functioning as the mediator between metabolism and prostaglandin formation. Also, CMO supports the reprogramming of faulty memory T-cells, which are normal T-cells that have become familiar how to defend the body against foreign microorganisms by memorising the strategy used to defeat the prior infection. They are seen to be the cause of arthritis by repeatedly attacking the body itself. Cetyl myristoleate gives relief to people afflicted with arthritis by normalising the hyper-immune responses.

Cetyl myristoleate supports optimal joint function and mobility by serving as a joint lubricant, and surfactant. This fatty acid ester also enables to stimulate the release of immunoglobulin (a class of proteins that function as antibodies in the immune response) and specific prostaglandins (series 1 and 3), which makes cetyl myristoleate a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

In order to maximise the benefits of cetyl myristoleate, it requires the presence of lipase to be fully absorbed by the body. A lipase is an enzyme secreted in the digestive tract that catalyzes the breakdown of fats that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If there is a deficiency or lack in lipase, cetyl myristoleate may not be digested properly. Advancement of age slows down the production of lipase, so it may be beneficial to take lipase enzyme along if you are taking cetyl myristoleate supplements. Diet can also affect the absorption of cetyl myristoleate. Citrus juices, excessive sugar, alcohol, and carbonated drinks (coffee and cola) may inhibit absorption and exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

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