Cranberry and Four Natural Ways to Fight UTI’s

cranberryConventional treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) includes high-dose prescription antibiotics and bed rest for a couple of days. These methods do not produce long-lasting remedy and high dose antibiotics can even worsen the problem. For UTI patients suffering from the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of UTI, a combination of dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies can offer longer-lasting and safer remedy against this very common urinary condition. Here are five natural ways to fight recurring UTI without using prescription antibiotics.

1. Eat fresh cranberries or take cranberry supplements. Science has long proven that cranberry and its products like dried cranberry, cranberry juice and cranberry supplements are helpful in preventing Urinary Tract Infections. This deep red and sour-tasting fruit is rich in active ingredients called proanthocyanidins that exhibit powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities. Clinical studies show that proanthocyanidins protect the bladder from E.coli, the most common bacteria that cause Urinary Tract Infections. These phytochemicals in cranberry engulf e.coli and prevents their so-called lectins from attaching itself to the bladder walls. After encapsulating them, e.coli is flushed into the urine so they can’t initiate an infection. Cranberry also contains a special kind of sugar called D-mannose, which acts as sacrificial guard that takes away bacteria from the bladder.

2. Drink more water. Drink more water and some more water because it helps flush bacteria in your bladder that can cause infections. Increasing your fluid intake will increase urinary frequency, which cleanses your body with toxins and infectious bacteria.

3. Reduce your sugar intake. High levels of sugar in the body create a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause UTIs. People with recurring UTIs should minimise eating pasta, white bread, cakes, crackers, cookies, and your usually sugar-loaded comfort foods. Other than E.coli, sugars cause can cause overgrowth of fungi and candida albicans (causes candidisasis).

4. Get enough Vitamin D from the sun or from Vitamin D supplements. Although it’s free and easy to get from the sun, there are a lot of people that are deficient in the sunshine Vitamin. According to research, not having enough of Vitamin D in the body can put you at risk of UTIs and other infections. On the other hand, getting at least 15 minutes of exposure to the sun or taking Vitamin D supplements were found to improve the body’s production of the antimicrobial peptides that naturally fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including those that trigger UTIs.

5. Strengthen your immune system. Boost your immune system’s ability to ward off bacteria by taking enough rest and sleep, regular exercise, and eating healthy foods. It’s your first line of defense against infections and it’s been an accepted fact that it’s when the immune system is weak that infections tend to occur.

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