The Links between IP6 and Cancer Explored

ip6IP6 or inositol hexaphosphate is shining brightly in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. This chemical naturally found in sesame seeds, beans, wheat bran, corn, brown rice, and other high-fiber foods is being used by the cells in communicating messages from the cell’s nucleus. IP6 also plays a role in the metabolism of calcium and other essential minerals. But the most important role of this phytochemical is that it is reported to help prevent the formation of tumours and inhibit growth of malignant forms of cancers.

IP6 was first discovered in the late 1980s by Dr. Abulkalam Shamsuddin from the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. He found out that inositol hexaphosphate regulates healthy cell division even after cancer was already induced. Dr. Shamsuddin proposed that it helps in normalising the production of sugar by the cancer cells, helping them to achieve a healthier state. This process alters the gene expression, which changes the cancer physiology and reducing its negative impact to health.

Inositol Hexaphosphate is a powerful antioxidant that renders harmful free radicals harmless to prevent cell damage. Free radicals are reactive oxygen species that can damage important cell structures such as proteins, cell membranes, and DNA. In a significant number of studies, free radical damage to the DNA plays a role in the development of certain forms of cancer including lung cancer, stomach cancer, and pancreatic cancer. When free radicals accumulate from stress, pollution, and toxins, combined with low oxygenation and acidity, cancers are likely to develop. By scavenging these reactive oxygen species, inositol hexaphosphate prevents them from initiating carcinogenesis.

Several researches suggest that IP6 regulates the rate of cell growth. In the cancerous process, cells divide rapidly, producing a large number of unhealthy cells that negatively impact different organs. As control mechanisms are lost due to gene mutation, IP6 helps in re-establishing cellular control mechanisms. Additionally, it is also found that IP6 supports the activities of the beneficial NK cells. NK or Natural Killer cells are white blood cells that protect the body from cancerous cells. Healthy individuals normally produce up to 1000 cancer cells every day, but a vast majority of these cells are being destroyed by apoptosis or programmed cell deaths and NK cells. However, stress compromises the activities of NK cells, which links stress in the progression of cancer. Although there are other supplements with claims of improving NK cell activities, IP6 appears to have a stronger evidence base.

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