Love Your Heart with L-Carnitine

lcarnitineA natural amino acid, L-carnitine is synthesized by the body for energy. This helps assure that the metabolic processes in the body are properly functioning. A wide array of organs and systems benefit from the optimal production of L-carnitine; from the heart to the skeletal muscles, it ensures that there is enough fuel for the body to perform its daily activities. L-carnitine supplements assist people who have trouble producing correct amounts of L-carnitine. Mainly found in red meat and other related sources; therefore, vegans or strict vegetarians (someone who eats no animal or dairy products) are also seen to have insufficient supply of L-carnitine.

L-Carnitine works as a shuttle, directing fat into the cells so it can be utilised by the body as a fuel. The metabolic processes are a critical part in the daily internal activities of humans. Once the body’s supply of L-carnitine is all used up, the metabolic processes are directly affected, resulting in poor performance of the body’s organs and systems.

Although many people are familiar with L-carnitine as a weight loss supplement, there are other benefits L-carnitine supplement intake can actually give and your heart is involved. As a building block of protein, L-carnitine is inherently important in the optimum function of your heart. When energy metabolism declines due to ageing or medical conditions, heart-related metabolic processes are affected. This calls for an energy pump, the body can get an extra dose of fuel once the energy reserve is exhausted with L-Carnitine supplements.

Several scientific studies have shown that L-carnitine can be used in synergy with the conventional treatment for heart conditions such as stable angina. L-carnitine and  propionyl-L-carnitine (a derivative) help ease the signs and symptoms of stable angina. Both also improve the ability of patients who suffered an angina to exercise without risking another episode of chest pain. Since heart conditions are critical, it is not advisable to self-medicate with L-carnitine supplements when you have a chest pain. See an expert first before incorporating L-carnitine supplements in your therapy.

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