Resveratrol – Is It the French Secret to a Healthy Heart?

resveratrolHave you heard of the French paradox? Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s a catchphrase that describes how the French people regularly eats a diet high in saturated fats but have low incidence of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The impression is that, it’s because the French diet usually includes a glass of wine that accounted for the country’s lesser cases for cardiac diseases. Red wine actually contains a lot of healthy ingredients and one amazing nutrient called Resveratrol. According to studies, Resveratrol nourishes not just the heart but also the brain and helps people with weight loss.

Resveratrol is a bioactive nutrient naturally derived in the skin of grapes, where wine is produced from. Each glass of wine is estimated to contain at least 640 micrograms of this nutrient. The daily French diet includes at least two glasses of wine so they have twice resveratrol to protect their heart and brain, and keep them in shape.

Resveratrol can do health wonders for the brain. It is found to activate the anti-ageing gene called the SRT1, which previously was known to be influenced by calorie restriction alone. The anti-ageing benefits of resveratrol are now being linked with longevity and prevention of degenerative (age-related) diseases. This wine nutrient is also able to cross the selective blood-brain barrier so it can directly affect the brain, increasing nutrient and blood supply to the major blood vessels to improve memory and support mental sharpness. Scientists are now exploring the possibility of resveratrol’s role in reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other non-Alzheimer’s Dementias.

Scientists suggest that Resveratrol reduces the damage to the lining (endothelium) of the arteries cased by high blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Endothelial damage increases the risk for heart attack and other heart diseases because it leads to hypertension and atherosclerosis. It appears that this grape nutrient increases the production of cells called progenitor cells from in the bone marrow that travels to the arteries and repair damage. Proanthocyanidins in grapes have long been linked to overall cardiovascular health, and resveratrol is now the number one proanthocyanidin in our cardioprotective nutrient list.

If resveratrol truly prevents formation of fats, then it could be the answer to millions of people’s search for an effective weight loss supplement. The benefits of resveratrol for weight control are due to its ability of activating the SRT1 gene, which acts by stopping the formation of baby or immature fats, that can mature to abdominal fats.

While the French paradox talks about the French alone, you can still lower your risk for diseases of the brain and heart, as well as a healthier figure even if you’re not French by drinking resveratrol-rich red wine or take resveratrol supplements.

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