Support Healthy Metabolism with 7-Keto

7keto7-Keto is a metabolite of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands. Unlike its parent hormone, 7-keto is not into the sex hormones androgen and estrogen. This makes 7-keto more beneficial and safe compared to DHEA when taken in supplements form. Furthermore, using 7-keto DHEA topically or as dietary supplements does not increase blood levels of steroid hormones.

At around the age of 30, the adrenal glands begin to produce lesser DHEA for conversion to 7-keto. It is during this time when the body accumulates more fats because metabolic rate begins to slow down. DHEA supplements are once famous to replenish the reduced production due to ageing. However, DHEA supplementation has been controversial because of its dangerous side effects. Use of commercially available DHEA increases the levels of androgen and estrogen, increasing the risk for the development of cancers affecting the male and female reproductive systems. To prevent this risk, 7-keto DHEA supplements can be used as the safer, yet similarly potent alternative to DHEA.

Studies on 7-keto suggest that it helps to naturally boost metabolism to aid in effective weight control. It exhibits positive effects on the thyroid glands, stimulating healthy production of thyroid hormones that are primarily involved in metabolism. Increased production of thyroid hormones is associated with speedier metabolic rate. Faster metabolic rate is linked with more muscle mass and lesser fat deposits while slowed metabolic rate can cause obesity. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, 7-keto supplements can be an ideal component for an effective weight management regimen.

7-keto DHEA helps ensure proper functioning of the thyroid glands. It can be valuable in restoring healthy production of thyroid hormones in patients diagnosed with thyroid deficiencies. Thyroid deficiency or hypothyroidism is characterised by weight gain, increased sensitivity to cold, fatigue, muscle weakness, dry skin, and constipation.

7-keto DHEA has been shown to support immune health. It actively promotes healthy production of T helper cells for improved immune functions. Animal studies on 7-keto supplements discovered that this DHEA metabolite has the ability to increase T-cells by up to five folds in monkeys with simian HIV. In human studies, 7-keto was also found to balance blood pressure levels, increase T helper cells and white blood cells.

7-keto is a potent anti-ageing supplement. The decline in the DHEA and 7-keto production related to ageing can cause dominance of cortisol or the stress hormone. Increased cortisol levels reduce the body’s tolerance to stress, which can lead to diseases and premature ageing. 7-keto supplements have been shown to reduce the harmful effects of stress and ageing to blood cholesterol levels and brain functions. 7-keto supplements can be useful in maintaining cardiovascular health, mental alertness, and youthful vitality during old age.

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