The Sweet Health Benefits of Cinnamon

cinnamonDon’t we just love cinnamon? Its sweet aroma and taste brings happiness on breakfast mornings. Would you believe that the sweetness you love about this spice is actually good for your health? Well, studies from around the world confirm that cinnamon doesn’t just taste sweet but also gives us sweeter health benefits.

Before it is used to spice up our favourite rolls, cinnamon is found in the branches of the cinnamon trees that grow in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and South America. There are actually two types of cinnamon, depending on where they come from. Ceylon cinnamon is the type produced in the Carribean, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and India. The other type called Cassia Cinnamon comes from China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Cinnamon’s sweetness and health benefits are brought by helpful ingredients found in this favourite spice. It contains a chemical called hydroxychalcone, which according to research help improve the actions of the hormone insulin. Another ingredient called proanthocyanidins that exhibit very potent antioxidant protection to the cells against free radical damage. Cinnamon is also rich in essential nutrients in good doses such as calcium, iron, fiber, and manganese.

A very ironic yet very important benefit of Cinnamon is its ability to support healthy blood sugar levels. Despite being sweet to taste, this healthy spice does not increase blood sugar levels. Instead, it helps lower high blood sugar levels, especially in people with type 2 diabetes. The hydroxychalcone in cinnamon helps improve the activities of insulin in the cells, so the cells will be able to use the sugar in the blood and produce energy. Through this process, blood sugar levels are reduced and relieve diabetic symptoms.

Another sweet benefit of cinnamon is weight loss. According to scientists, it mimics the action of insulin for effective glucose reuptake in the cells to manufacture energy. It puts sugar to where they should be and prevents them from being stored as fats. Additionally, it helps supply you with more energy during work outs and exercises so you can burn more fats and finally achieve your desired body weight.

Cinnamon is found to delay gastric emptying, which prevents blood sugar spikes after meal. This is also found to be beneficial for the digestive system as it does not strain the gastrointestinal tract. Our little spice also helps transport blood to the areas the needs them for nourishment such as the skin. There are evidences showing that cinnamon helps fight bacteria that cause bad breath. Thus, it promotes a healthy mouth environment.

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