Vitamin E Keeps you Healthy, but is it Safe in Large Amounts?

viteOver the years, we have been warned that taking Vitamin E or tocopherol in large amounts can be harmful. This claim may be outdated because recent studies confirm that Vitamin E does protect health and is safe even when taken above its Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). RDA for tocopherol is 8-10 mg per day. According to recent studies, the body has natural mechanisms of eliminating excess Vitamin E.

According to experts, it’s actually not the high levels of Vitamin E that can cause health problems, but the lack and deficiency of it. The more alarming issue is that a lot of people are not getting enough Vitamin E in their diet. In the US, 90% of Americans have inadequate supply of this fat soluble vitamin from their food intake. To get enough Vitamin E, the diet should include oils, peanuts, wheat germ, egg yolk, liver, and margarine. If you’re on low-fat diet, you can take Vitamin E supplements as alternative.

So why take Vitamin E? This nutrient is one of the most powerful antioxidants that fight destructive free radicals. They scavenge free radicals to protect the cells from damage and cell death. As an antioxidant, it prevents cholesterol from undergoing oxidation that causes rancidity. Fat oxidation is very dangerous that it can form plaques to block the normal flow of blood to and from the heart. Cholesterol blockage can cause the arteries to rupture and lead to aneurysm, heart attack, and stroke (when the artery supplies the brain). This vitamin is essential in maintaining cardiovascular health and possibly preventing cardiovascular diseases.

You’ve probably used facial creams, lotions, and gels with Vitamin E. It is widely used by leading brands of skin care products because it naturally nourishes and protect the skin from harmful elements. This vitamin helps the skin to retain moisture to keep its healthy glow and suppleness. It also prevents free-radicals from causing the skin signs of ageing such like wrinkles and fine lines, so you can maintain younger looking skin. Tocopherol offers great protection against the cancer-causing UV radiation from the sun. So, sunblocks with Vitamin E are always essential when going to the beach or outdoors. This fat-soluble vitamin also helps the skin to heal faster and minimise the appearance of scars in wounds, cuts, and bruises.

For pregnant women and teenage girls, who are prone to developing anemia, Vitamin E can help support their body’s production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). RBCs are the blood component that carries oxygen and nutrient to the other parts of the body, where it is used to manufacture energy. It has also been found to exhibit immune support benefits to help the body in resisting infections and developing allergies.

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